The tips you are about to read of are tried and tested and have been used by a lot of people. There are also a couple of workouts thrown in for good measure. One very nice thing about this is that little gear is need for carrying them out.
Some of the tips are here written below

First Tip
Find an old ruck sack from a surplus store of the Army or Navy. This will not cost more than 35 dollars and is to be used in your ruck marches and other workouts like the overhead press, kettle bell swing and farmer's carry.
It is a very good training pack that will last for an awfully long time. The good thing about this pack is that it is still being used today. Be sure there is a good and secured hydration bladder inside.

Second Tip
There is a lot of experience to be garnered from reading books on mental toughness and special forces training. You may also like read things up on
Reading these books help prepare you mentally for the challenges ahead. We recommend that you spend time every night putting your mind in shape with good books and information on special forces training.


Start your ruck march. Do this at least once a week or more depending on your fitness level. Do not take on the long distances at once. Start covering short distances first, then gradually build from there.


However if you have been ruck marching for a while, it is okay to go with a heavy sac. All of this though depends on how fit you are. You should try with a heavy sac but no running Twenty pushups with your ruck sack.

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Third Tip

You should also start light. Do not attempt to ruck march for long distances with very heavy load at the beginning. This will not only make you lose interest before you are gone a quarter of the way but will also cause you harm.


Fourth Tip

Body weight workouts at least 3 or 4 times a week is the next step. You can turn it up a bit if you are really fit. You can start with pull ups, pushups, sit up and air squats. Throw in a ruck march trial run to build your endurance level and keep at it.
This is how you can do it;
-run a mile
-go down for 100 pullups
-do 200 pushups
-300 air squats
-run another mile.
This training depends on your fitness level. You can cut it in half or smaller bits and then build up as you become better. Never let your body get completely uses to it. It is a great training for endurance and strength.


Increase the distance that you have been covering before. Go farther and longer as you get more and more in sync with the program and gain more understanding of your body. Your body weight workouts also, should increase considerably.
You should go from 25 pushups to 30 to 40 and then on and on. You should also pay attention to every part of your body. Do not spend more time doing body weight workouts that you do less ruck marches and hikings. You would not want uneven development in your body.




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Fifth Tip Get new boots and ruck march with them. Let your socks be made of a thin layer material so you can know if the boots are causing blisters to your feet. It is important that you take good care of your feet during this training. To prevent blisters use Vaseline on your feet. Sixth Tip Work on building your endurance as well as your durability. Rowing in a boat for long distances is a very good cardio workout and will help build your endurance level. You can build your abs through flutter kicks

Try as much as possible to train on hills. Running on hills will help you build you cardio and also your leg muscle. Take ruck marches through hills. Hike with your ruck sack, then perform some pushups on it. Mixing these activities up will provide the desired result. Eight Tip Workout with your buddies. Working out with your buddies will provide the necessary motivation that you need. Watching someone do something that you are tired of doing will not only get you up on your feet, but will push you to try to do better


Seventh Tip You can try to find a gym where others are working out if you have no workout buddies. One mile run, fifty times push ups, seventy five times air squats will do the trick. That is how to do it. Now keep at it. Ninth Tip Always work with a set goal and do not fail to keep a training log. It is important to keep the details of your improvement in a book or as a record anywhere else. That way you will know how far you have come and how far you still need to go.

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